Hey Friends!

It’s your old college roommate (and editor-in-chief of the Portland Mercury) Wm. Steven Humphrey. Do you remember a few months ago when I wrote about some big changes happening with the Mercury? No? Like, how we’ve decided to redesign and expand our print version, and publish it on a new, biweekly schedule (26 times per year)? No? You don’t remember that at all? Well, how about when I mentioned we were going to provide you with “more of all the Mercury stuff you love: longer news pieces and features, more reviews, lots of funny stuff, and a bigger-than-ever events calendar.” OH, COME ON. You’re telling me you don’t remember a single word of that? (Sigh.) No... no... that’s fine. Doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit. I’m happy to repeat it all over again, because I have nothing better to do with my time.

Hi friends! Wm. Steven Humphrey here, editor-in-chief of the Portland Mercury, with lots of apparently never-heard-before information about upcoming changes to the Mercury! On the streets right now is the last weekly issue of the Mercury—but don’t panic! Because in one week (Thursday, September 13, to be exact), we’ll be back and publishing on a biweekly schedule, 26 times per year.

How come? Well, our research tells us you read portlandmercury.com on a daily basis for the latest, breaking news (AS YOU SHOULD), and take the print version home to make future entertainment plans and read at a more leisurely pace (AS YOU ALSO SHOULD). So to serve you better, we’re doubling up on our event calendars in print, beefing up our articles, and switching to a biweekly format. We save money on paper and printer costs, and you get an extended calendar, hard-hitting news, and more funny stuff. Everybody wins.

Another reason to go biweekly: making sure you never miss out on the fun. The new biweekly Mercury will take the long view, informing you of events far in advance so you’ll have enough time to snag tickets to the hottest shows before they sell out.

Plus! The new Mercury will look gorgeous. The print edition has been redesigned and refocused to be easier on the eyes, and we’re giving it a heavier, more attractive cover. And each issue will be conveniently stapled, which means no more falling apart in your hands and blowing away down the street. (This will not be an improvement to those who primarily use the Mercury to line your birdcages or wrap dead fish. We apologize for once again disappointing you. Can we pet your bird?)

Don’t forget: Our purpose in life is to serve YOU. We aim to provide a website and publication that offers the information you need in a format that works best for you in today’s world. At portlandmercury.com, you’ve got daily breaking news, up-to-the-minute entertainment stories, and the best goddamn events calendar in Portland. And starting on September 13, you’ll have a new, better print reading experience designed to help you plan ahead and improve your life. We’re super excited about our new direction, and hope you will be too! So thanks for all the support and attention you give us. We appreciate you, and WE’LL SEE YOU IN ONE WEEK with a brand-new print version of the Mercury!

Yer pal,

Wm. Steven Humphrey


Portland Mercury