Don't Ask, Don't Tell's days are numbered. And that number is now one.

Tomorrow will be a historic day for the US, when we join the ranks of counties forward-thinking countries like Albania, Russia, and Israel and welcome openly gay folks to serve in our military.

Check out the excellent front cover of the Marine Corps Times from last week:


Portland has a couple different events going on for the occasion. All day long, there's a job and social services fair at the Oregon Convention Center that aims to help vets get reintegrated into society. There's an official Human Rights Campaign plus Portland-politicians-lovin'-the-gays serious thing at city hall at 11:30am if you want to shake hands with Sam Adams. Then from 5-9pm, there are speakers and a celebration of the repeal at the Q Center (4115 N Mississippi Ave). I've been informed that there will be apple pie and a full bar—it doesn't get more American than that.

For more info about LGBT Portlanders in the military, check out my interview from last year with Portland's Veterans for Human Rights.