The internets are on fire today with a strange story: That the Hollywood Bowl has booted the longtime Portland Gay and Lesbian Bowling League because they're trying to have a more family friendly environment.

I just talked with Hollywood Bowl owned Mark Frank and he says the accusations of bowling homophobia are 100 percent not true. At his three bowling alleys statewide, says Frank, they decided to stop all league bowling on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, to open the lanes up to more customers during prime time. "The industry has changed. It's gone from primarily league bowling to mostly open play bowling. This has nothing to do with who they are, it's a business decision to have lanes open when people are wanting them," says Frank. "There's a couple people in the Friday night league who are trying to sabotage this."

The Gay and Lesbian Bowling League was offered another night of the week, like Tuesday or Wednesday, but declined.