This video, where Fox 9 reporter Tom Lyden asks embattled Minneapolis/St. Paul Archbishop John Nienstedt about gay marriage, is required viewing. The most important part starts at 11:36 in the below video:

CityPages has a transcript of the exchange:

Nienstedt: ...[sex is to take place] within the context of a marriage relationship between a man and a woman.
Lyden: Okay. What about homosexuals?
N: Homosexuals need to lead chaste lives.
L: They need to lead celibate lives?
N: Well, yes.
L: Okay. Does that seem reasonable to you, that we should all lead the lives of priests?
N: Well... um...

Neinstedt seems like a real piece of work. At the end of the interview, Lyden asks him why anyone should believe the church when they say that they care about victims of sexual abuse this time, when the church has said this insincerely in the past. Neinstedt replies, "Because we're saying it again, and we're saying it with gusto, and we're saying it with meaning." Apparently, Neinstedt thinks "because we said so" is good enough.