When Mac DeMarco last visited the Crystal Ballroom, he was opening for Phoenix, and having not yet heard of him, I foolishly skipped that set in favor of something that I have no recollection of now. Fast forward just over a year later and when Mac came back—following his 2014 Pickathon performance—he headlined his very own show at the Crystal, which sold out seemingly instantly.

DeMarco started his set 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, adding another entry into the growing chronicles of his odd likeability. His Portland fanbase is also oddly likable, consisting mainly of women redefining the possibilities of beauty behind thick-rimmed glasses, and their respective boyfriends, the feeble sort with wispy facial hair and poofy oversized pastel jackets.

While M. DeMarco's comic sensibilities and charisma are well documented on YouTube, he left most of last Wednesday's comedic duties to his bandmates, who took turns delivering intentionally terrible rehearsed jokes to the bemused crowd. Otherwise, it was a solid selection from Mac's collection of already classic cuts, spiced with a surprisingly heavy cover of "Enter Sandman" to close the evening.

It should also be noted that Mac orchestrated the most impressive crowd surf I have yet witnessed, directing the crowd to carry him first from the all-ages section across the five-foot breach to the drinking section, then to the back of the venue, and finally back across into the all-ages section and onto the stage. He never set a foot on the Crystal's bouncy floor, and the band never missed a beat when he returned to jump into "Still Together," which he had dedicated to Sculpture Gardens—the cute indie-band couple who had been dancing on stage the whole time—on their recent engagement. A wholesome good time was had by all.