Are there any live music venues left in Portland with a retractable stage curtain? The impact of an elaborate stage setup risks being dulled when the audience gets to scrutinize its details before the performance has even begun. Thankfully, once Purity Ring's light/visual show did kick in at their sold-out Crystal Ballroom concert on Wednesday night, it was still plenty impactful; its meticulous integration with the music produced an intricately scintillating effect which remained mesmerizing for the duration of their performance.

Not to be outdone by the visual effect bonanza behind her, Megan James showcased an expansive cadre of charismatic stage actions all in service of her signature clear, confident-yet-inquisitive vocals. Ostensibly operating the evening's sonic fireworks, and its corresponding tightly synchronized light show, Corin Roddick wisely kept things relatively low-key, ceding the focus of the ceremonies to James and the splendor of the visual effects.

Filled with grand bursts of cacophony followed closely by icy gaps of synthetic silence, Purity Ring's sweet hooks set against stately 808/trap percussive stylings make for anthems that excel in large live settings, and they did so effortlessly on this beautiful evening in Portland, under the morphing glow of an artificial full moon.

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