You'd think employees of world-renowned SE video store Movie Madness would have more "arty" films for their favorite movies, like Wings of Desire or Trust. In actuality, they didn't even mention Jean-Luc Godard!

Movie Madness Employee: Angelo

Favorite Movie: Repo Man

Why: "It's pretty zany. I like Alex Cox's style."

Movie Madness Employee: Jamie

Favorite Movie: Anything with Brittany Murphy

Who the hell is Brittany Murphy?: "She was in Girl, Interrupted. She's sooo gorgeous."

Movie Madness Employee: Cricket

Favorite Directors: Tim Burton, David Cronenberg

Why: "I like Tim Burton because he mixes fantasy and reality...Cronenberg mixes science and sexuality."

My friend Leah always tried to rent Mannequin at another "arty" video store, and the employees would glare at her as if she was committing a travesty against film. Is there anything people rent that annoys you?

Angelo: "I get annoyed when people return adult titles with lube on the case."

Jamie: "We're not Fantasy, for god's sake."