Like most Portlanders, I wear a lot of hats. For the last decade I've earned my living as a stripper/writer/musician/actress (as stereotypical as that sounds). So it's perhaps unsurprising that I generally appear—in over a dozen locally produced films—as "the girl with no clothes on."

It had long been a dream of mine to work with writer/director James Westby. So when the producers of The Auteur asked me to play a porn star, I didn't give it a second thought. HELL YES I would put myself in any sort of compromising position for Herr Westby, especially if that compromising position was filmed for posterity.

The Auteur is a romantic comedy that uses pornography as its punch line, and is also a love letter to cinema that features films within films. Although there's plenty of nudity and implied sex, all of the pornos in the movie are strictly fictional. But ultimately, that's where the laughs are, as the titular auteur Arturo Domingo (Melik Malkasian) directs skin flicks like Purple Vein, Requiem for a Wet Dream, Snatch Adams, and Children of a Lesser Wad. You won't find those or any of the following titles on DVD—they don't exist outside of The Auteur. Still, I'll be adding them to my underdressed résumé. Wouldn't you?

Top Five Arturo Domingo Films Starring Me

Dyke Club—"Mischief. Mayhem. Muff." Like Fight Club, only instead of fighting, there's fucking.

Five Easy Nieces—Jack Nicholson's tour de force reinterpreted with a bevy of buxom beauties from Mary's Club and Union Jack's.

Broadway Danny's Hos—A raunchier rendering of Woody Allen's early classic. Filmed on Broadway... in Portland!

Full Metal Jackoff—Producers found the original circle-jerk ending of this Vietnam War epic too homoerotic. So they re-shot it with me.

Me and You and Everyone We Blow—I'm not technically in this one... yet. But the retelling of Miranda July's hit is rumored to be Domingo's next project.