It's all coming up '50s and wonderful as Alien Trespass opens up on a starry night and a UFO crash in the Mojave Desert in 1957. The crash unloads two aliens: The Ghota, a one-eyed, tentacled blob that's set on devouring the Earth, and Urp, a space marshal who's intent on stopping him. As the Ghota terrorizes a perfectly perfect small desert town (everything's just right here, from the picket-fenced houses and the diner, to the movie theater that's showing The Blob, to the woefully inexperienced police force), Urp borrows the body of local astronomer Dr. Ted Lewis (Eric McCormack) and teams up with beautiful waitress-with-a-dream Tammy (Jenni Baird) to track down the Ghota and capture it before it's too late.

Alien Trespass isn't a parody of old-school sci-fi movies—rather, it's a respectful homage to a time when actual monsters filled movie screens, not metaphorical monsters people fear in their real lives. The film is pitch-perfect throughout, from the acting to the cinematography to the lame special effects, and I loved every minute of it. This anachronistic little movie about aliens and the good ol' days just may be the feel-good movie of the moment.