FOCUSING ON THE madcap shenanigans of a trio of emotionally stunted 18-year-olds, Mystery Team acts as proof that there just might be life beyond YouTube. The collaborative work of NYU sketch comedy troupe Derrick Comedy (like Keyboard Cat, they're big on YouTube), Mystery Team makes up for its complete lack of budget and structure with a seemingly endless stream of dumb jokes.

Back when they were seven, the Mystery Team—Jason (the master of disguise), Duncan (the brains), Charlie (the muscle)—solved cases like "hopscotch fraud" for a dime, like three Hardy Boys with severe learning disabilities. But now that they're high school seniors—yet no smarter than they were at age seven—they're an embarrassment to their small town. That is, until they leave the world of schoolyard crimes behind in an attempt to solve a double murder.

With a low-budget production and a cast that mirrors the entire NBC Thursday night lineup—there are cameos from various players from The Office, Community, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation—Mystery Team could have felt like a comedy sketch that's been forced to go on far past its expiration date. But Mystery Team's ensemble cast is genuinely funny and enjoyable, despite taking part in a plot that would never work in reality. Because, as we all know, in real life Bugs Meany would have kicked the shit out of Encyclopedia Brown.