Stay cool... stay cool... SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • Stay cool... stay cool... SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

What was shaping up to be a kinda "meh" day, just leaped into "HOLYFUCKINGSHIT" territory when film star Sam Elliott (Road House, Up in the Air, Hulk, too many more to mention) strode unannounced and pretty-as-you-please into the Mercury office. At first I was like, "Heh. That guy totes looks like Sam Elliott." And then I was like, "HOLYFUCKINGSHIT THAT IS SAM ELLIOTT!!!" An Oregon native, Sam's in town looking after his 97-year-old mom (awwwwww!), and dropped by the office to pick up a back issue of the Mercury, because, AND I QUOTE, "You've got a real good publication here."

You are now officially invited to SUCK IT, all other newspapers in the world!!!


After the jump, my ichat conversation with music editor Ezra Ace Caraeff who made the extremely poor choice of telecommuting from home today.