Steve's not-entirely-complimentary review of Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin will be up later this afternoon—but in the meantime, the New York Times has a quick primer on the character, his creator, and the 5,000 comics he appeared in.

Considering how few people in America know/care about Tintin, I'm curious to see how Spielberg's film does this weekend. The closest analogy might be Green Lantern, actually: Both are big, flashy, basically CG movies with hopes of spawning a franchise, and both star a comic book hero 99 percent of the populace is utterly oblivious too (but, to be fair, those who do like him really, really like him). Hopefully things will turn out better for Spielberg than they did for Ryan Reynolds—and considering there's basically no way Tintin could be even half as terrible as Green Lantern was, I'm guessing that'll probably be the case. Or maybe all those moviegoing families on Xmas will decide to take the kids to see A Dangerous Method! It just goes to prove my hypothesis about the box office: HOLLYWOOD, AM I RIGHT! WHO KNOWS?