So Seattle's impressive Cinerama just announced their First Annual Science Fiction Film Festival, running from April 19-May 2, and holy shit: I want to go see all of it, but especially 2001 (new 70mm print!), that Mad Max/Road Warrior double feature, that Terminator/Terminator 2 double feature, Silent Running and Barbarella and THX 1138 and Clockwork Orange and... yeah. I just want to see all of it. A full PDF schedule is here, and, according to Cinerama manager Greg Wood, the Solaris and War of the Worlds that're mentioned in there are the 1972 and 1953 versions, respectively.

Anyway, we should probably figure out some carpooling options or something. Also! This gives me an excellent excuse to post this:

And this!

And this.

You're dead, honey. WHAT YEAR?!