Things I was looking forward to seeing last night at The Works: Weston Currie premiering a new film with a live soundtrack provided by Portland's own Liz Harris (Grouper). And B-Movie Bingo presented by Wolf Choir, in which audience members play bingo using movie cliches from Bulletproof starring Gary Busey(!).

I didn't see them though. I left The Works at 1:15am and the basically cleared out theater was still being setup for these two portions of last night's Future Cinema. There were murmurs going around that neither of these films/performances were even going to happen.

What I did see last night: a two hour Google+ chat amongst five seemingly intoxicated friends made increasingly tedious with obscure inside jokes and failed audience participation.

This was Terrifying Women, a program of videos and performances by current and past Portland artists Alicia McDaid, Tanya Smith, Wendy Haynes, Sarah Johnson, Diana Joy, Kathleen Keogh, and Angela Fair. I think the idea here was to have a modern day panel of sorts in which work could be shown and then discussed by each of the respective artists participating. But what was actually presented was more of a confusing conference call interrupted at times by videos and loosely structured live compositions. As an audience member I felt bewildered and also a bit put out that I was either not in on the joke, or just completely missing it.

Some of the videos were interesting however. The ones shown by Diana Joy in particular were impressive in regards to production value and content. But on a whole this loosely structured and meandering program left me cold and wishing I stayed out in the beer garden.

More photos after the jump if you'd like to take a gander...