God, the Hollywood has just gotten so great in the past couple of years. Their programming is more varied and more accessible than it used to be, and those new theater seats are pretty dang comfortable. It's also great to see local arts organizations partnering for one-off events, and the Hollywood has embarked on a few collaborations recently: A night of programming at TBA (okay, that didn't go so well), and now tonight's screening of The Big Sleep, co-presented by Oni Press and featuring writer Jamie S. Rich, who wrote the noir graphic novel You Have Killed Me. (Conflict of interest alert! Rich is both a Mercury freelancer and my buddy, developments that post-date my review of You Have Killed Me.)

Billed as "A Night with Jamie S. Rich," tonight will include a discussion of how film noir—and specifically The Big Sleep—has influenced Jamie's work.

The screening is tonight at 7 pm at the Hollywood; tickets are $7. Details here.