The authors EXCELLENT rendering of what Cinetopias Progress Ridge 14 theater might look like under AMC ownership.
The author's EXCELLENT rendering of what Cinetopia's Progress Ridge 14 theater might look like under AMC ownership. Google Maps/AMC
A short Facebook post today, from the Cinetopia movie theater chain, answered some recent questions about the future of the Portland-area company. The post simply says, "Cinetopia is now part of the AMC family. This Facebook page will shut down soon."

Earlier this week, we reported on the closure of all three Portland-area Cinetopia theaters. (A fourth Cinetopia, located in Kansas City, has also closed.) The report summarizes the legal disputes between Cinetopia and the gargantuan AMC Theatres chain. AMC is currently the biggest movie exhibitor in the country, with more than 650 theaters in the US, but until now it has not had a presence in the Portland area, whose movie screens are dominated by AMC's closest competitors, the Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark Theatres.

Now it seems that AMC has triumphed in whatever lingering legal battles remained, and has taken over Cinetopia altogether. All three Cinetopia theaters—two in Vancouver, Washington, and one in Beaverton—will be rebranded as AMC theaters. Significant renovations do not appear to be coming. An FAQ is posted on AMC's site, but it mostly deals with menu items and formats, and doesn't say when the theaters will reopen. [UPDATE: The Vancouver Mall 23 theater appears to already be open.]

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AMC has had recent success with their AMC Stubs A-List subscription program, which was rolled out in the wake of the Moviepass fiasco. Membership in AMC's Stubs A-List allows monthly subscribers to see three movies a week for a monthly fee, and has served as a bulwark during an era when many moviegoers are choosing to stay home and watch things on their nice big TVs.

AMC's takeover of Cinetopia comes at a time of constriction for Portland-area theaters, which has for years dominated by the Regal movie chain. Regal was purchased by UK company Cineworld in 2018, and is reportedly making strides to become more efficient. Recently, Regal's two downtown theaters—Fox Tower and Pioneer Place—have cut back on late-night screenings during weeknights.

While the takeover of Cinetopia will not give AMC a presence within Portland's borders, it is probable that the massive chain will continue to gain purchase in the area.