The Northwest Filmmakers' Festival

The time of year when the Pacific Northwest’s gorgeous wilderness can be explored has ended. All those places are now underwater. So what else is this area of the country good for? That’s easy: We have a ton of independent filmmakers making good films! Now in its 45th year, the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival boasts shorts, documentaries, and features, and kicks off with the John Hughes-inspired My Summer as a Goth, from Portland filmmakers Tara Johnson-Medinger and Brandon Lee Roberts. It's a likeable film, despite its awkward pacing and its teen characters' extremely... teenagery performances. Joey (Natalie Shershow), a 16-year-old girl with wacky grandparents who's mourning the loss of her father, meets a tall goth stranger (Jack Levis) and sets off on a journey/makeover of black hair dye and white face powder, all against a backdrop of recognizable Portland haunts.


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