Sat April 3


1 SW 3rd

It is an incontrovertible fact that teenagers are annoying. So even though FannyPack's gleeful, retarded shtick is enticingly reminiscent of JJ Fad, it really must be considered that this show is going to be a wild explosion of all the things that make you cringe when you accidentally get on the bus at the same time school gets out. Ridiculous, loud, selfish, bratty, ignorant, shallow--it's all here.

The group is comprised of three itty-bitty rapper girls (only one of which is of drinking age) and two seasoned DJ guys producing. They exploded out of Brooklyn and meteorically became wildly popular, mostly due to "Cameltoe," the admittedly funny dance tune making fun of frontal wedgies. Okay, fine--so lots of the rhymes on the songs are funny and pretty cute (once), and they're set to retro, booty dance beats that are pretty irresistible. It sounds straight out of the '80s and, as they put it, "you can dance easy to this." But it's sort of like getting high off markers: you keep doing it because it's kind of silly and fun, but you also want to beat yourself in the head for being such an ass--and, in a way, you already are beating yourself in the head.

So FannyPack is undeniably hooky, and they have a kitschy gimmick, but would you really want to be in the same building as them? Ewww! They seem like they would be... sticky. Besides, it's the kind of music that gets old really, really quick and it's been what, like months since they first started luring people into a junky dance-fad addiction. The clothes they're wearing on their album cover aren't even in style anymore!

It will be interesting to see what the next move is for FannyPack. How many times can you tell the same joke? They definitely seem like good candidates for being a flash in the pan, but who knows, maybe they'll surprise us with their next album. They'll need some new material though, because they already have shopping, boys, McDonald's food, and their mommies and daddies covered. Oh, well; at least they're having a good time--that's sweet.