Not only is Jada Pinkett Smith the Fresh Princess of Bel-Air, but she also helped save humanity in the Matrix movies! Now she's trying to carve a third notch in her belt—with her metal band, Wicked Wisdom.

So does the name "Wicked Wisdom" refer to the knowledge that we're in a computer simulation, like The Matrix?

Ah... somewhat like that, absolutely. Most of us are caught in a specific way of thinking that's created by others.

In The Matrix, you use kung fu to bust out of that paradigm. Here, you're using music to break out?


So how do you get into the Matrix? Does Morpheus call you? Do you get in through self-determination? Do I have to listen to Wicked Wisdom's CD in order to bust out of this paradigm?

I feel like to really get onboard with the band, you do have to change your thinking and kind of change your ideas.

So it's kind of like a choice—like taking the red pill or the blue pi—

Absolutely! It's a choice.

So what inspired you to "take the red pill" and bust into the music scene?

It was something that I've always wanted to do. Something that always seemed impossible to do. I'd look at cats like Axl Rose and wonder "Where are the females doing this?" Growing up with Metallica and Megadeth, I always wanted an opportunity to rock out, and I just didn't see where it would be possible to do that. I had to look outside of the box and go, "Why not? Why does it seem so impossible?" In actuality, it's not. We do have the power to create our own reality. It's been a real spiritual journey in that way.

That reminds me of how Neo thinks there are things that're impossible, but he busts out of it. For him, it's a spiritual journey as well.

It's always a spiritual journey when you can tap into your greatest potential. Everyday, we have circumstances that surround us, that try to diminish us, that try to make us feel as though we can't possibly be the ones.

Kind of like the Agents in The Matrix.

Right! Exactly! You got all the Agents around you, telling you what you can and cannot do. And for real, it's not about that. The human spirit far exceeds anything that's tangible, and [exceeds when] somebody [says], "Well you're this type of person so this is the lane you belong in!" You can't quantify the human spirit.

That's somebody holding up a spoon to you and saying, "This is a spoon and it doesn't bend." But if I'm like "maybe it can" then... maybe it can!


So would you equate all these rules—like that there aren't any female singers in metal—would you kind of think of that as "the spoon of music," and you're looking at it and bending it?

Absolutely! And the great thing about it is there are a lot more females in the game now. Slowly but surely, a lot of chicks are starting to bend that spoon.

Do you attribute that to a mass awakening, or...?

I'm not really sure. But everything works in cycles. So, you know, it only takes one person to start awakening many.

There's always the Chosen One.

Right! Exactly!