So you didn't get Sleater-Kinney tickets. So it sold out in 24 seconds. So everywhere you read told you the wrong info and Ticketmaster is a punk and the Crystal Ballroom is a punk. It's cool. Don't worry. Go see Janet Weiss with Sam Coomes (as Quasi) on Wednesday, July 19, at Portland City Hall. (Free show. Minders open. 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.) Also, go to your local record store and get the Brendan Canty and Chris Funk curated Burn to Shine DVD. Just released, this one's the Portland edition. Deal is a bunch of PDX bands play in a condemned house in Tualatin, which is promptly burned down afterward. SK plays a song, so does Quasi, and so does every other mid-level biggish band in Portland. Highlights: the sorta newly dance-punk Gossip murdering a bass, drums, vocals track and a creepy Tom Heinl singing a holiday tune. (Heinl plays an afternoon BBQ at Doug Fir on Sunday, July 16, with the Clampitt Brothers.)

House shows! It's summer. Let's bring on the house shows like plagues of locusts. This Saturday check out Please Step Out of the Vehicle, Junior Private Detective, and the Maybe Happening at the Bloody Hummus Haus on 6805 N Maryland. Confused about how to get there? Check out Free. BYOB.

Speaking of great shows, Mercury contributor Josh Blanchard (Plants) is throwing his monthly Church of Psychedelia night at Holocene on Sunday, July 16. This time around it's Front Machine, Brown, Nux, DJ Mordechai, and Penguin Jetpack. Speaking of the psyche, go to Tube on Monday, July 17 for trippy-as-fuck locals Eternal Tapestry (members of Jackie-O Motherfucker and Dark Yoga) playing some deep and simmering mindfuck noise.

Chaos! What the fuck is up with Slayer's Salem Armory show? Seriously. So here's the latest on the ever-changing Slayer show. It's Saturday the 15th, not the 16th. According to promoter Mike Thrasher, the show has not been moved to Sunday—as says many internet ticketing sites. It's Saturday. Get there early. Bring your big, evil, metal heart, and be ready to have your shit eviscerated.

Big thanks to everyone who sent me MP3s of their bands for the Mercury's local music podcast action. Keep 'em coming and we'll keep playing them. This Thursday check out songs by Owl Dudes, Saturna, and more at

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