Local Music News

As 2006 draws to a close there are a ton of excellent local records either coming out or set for release. One of those is Laura Gibson's If You Come to Greet Me, which I've heard referenced both as great rainy morning music, and also as a little more music-biz-centric, a proper response to psychedelic folk's recent dip into heaviness and experimentation. There is nothing heavy or experimental about If You Come. It's just effortless, classy folk sung by a confident, smart lady.

MERCURY: What was the first Portland band you fell in love with?

LAURA GIBSON: I think Dolorean was the first Portland band that I fell in love with, though I didn't know they were from Portland when I first heard their music. My boyfriend at the time loaned me Not Exotic, and it just killed me. I was realizing, at the time, that the relationship I was in wasn't working out... and a lot of Al James' songs are about relationships going terribly wrong. It all kind of fit together. They are still one of my favorite bands.

Who are you listening to right now?

I just got Norfolk and Western's new record on vinyl. It's really amazing, and I'm so excited to have it, and to hear it on vinyl. I also have been listening to Corrina Repp and Alela Diane.

What's your take on Portland music circa fall 2006?

I've never in my life been surrounded by so many talented people, and people who genuinely love to make songs and play music. I'm really thankful, and excited to be living here and making music right now. In the past year I've met quite a few Portland bands and artists that are more folk-inspired, which I love. It seems everyone I know is releasing a new record this fall... so there is a lot of collective excitement in the air. People have been really supportive of each other, and up for collaborating and sitting in on each other's shows and recordings. I keep thinking how I will look back on these times with fondness, that I am witnessing something special.

Laura Gibson's CD release party is Sun Nov 19 at Doug Fir