Thanks to its proximity to the Roseland, employees at Floating World Comics, Old Town's excellent comic book store, are always full of stories about touring bands who've stopped by the shop. A couple weeks ago, I asked Floating World owner Jason Leivian if he thought Thurston Moore would swing by (Sonic Youth is playing the Roseland on Tuesday). Jason said, "Thurston needs some comics for sure," and proceeded to rattle off a list of recommendations.

And thus, a blog series was born.

When the inspiration strikes, Jason's gonna give send over recommendations tailored for touring acts. Comics fans, swing by Floating World (20 NW 5th) the week of the show, mention this blog post, and get 10% off recommended titles.

I'm excited about this. Without further ado, here's Jason:

Survival of the Illest Tour
Slick Rick, Rahzel, The Beatnuts
Fri July 24, 8 pm
Comics wise, I would recommend the final chapter of 100 Bullets, Vol. 13: Wilt. Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso recently wrapped up 100 issues of this highly entertaining crime/conspiracy epic. Complex and visceral, one way to read this series is as an alternate history of America—with roots in European gold and a secret organization known as the Trust. Or you can just read it for the bling, the slang, the grime, the triple crosses, and the bloody action. More info.

The Warriors: Jailbreak: Our friend [Mercury film editor] Erik Henriksen* currently has the most important job in America. No, not passing Universal Health Care; he's writing the sequel to one of the greatest movies of all time—The Warriors. And he's doing it in comic form with fellow Portland artist Todd Herman [and Herb Apon]. A cult favorite to generations of old and new fans, who hasn't wondered what happens to our favorite boppers after they make it back to Coney? Follow Rembrandt, Swan, Mercy, and all the others as they plan to bust Ajax out of jail. Erik is clearly a tried and true Warriors fan; his vision does not disappoint. More info.

Wax Poetics Anthology Vol. 2—This is for the DJs and producers. Wax Poetics is probably my favorite music magazine, focusing on hip hop and its roots—jazz, funk, soul, fusion, and anything with awesome drums. This anthology compiles articles from their 2003-04 issues, including great features on Eddie Bo, Dj Premier, Roy Ayers... actually every article I've ever read in this magazine has taught me something new about a great musician or led me on a new path of musical discovery. More info.

*[We did not put Jason up to this. He just likes Erik's book! Swear.—eds]