SINCE DIAGNOSING DISORDERS in misguided and unruly children seems to be all the rage, it only seems fitting to give a title to such an unclassifiable band as the Quick & Easy Boys. Most fitting would be "Genre Attention Deficit Disorder," though upon asking the Boys to describe their sound, guitarist Jimmy Russell offers up a suggestion: "I think it's a mix of Band of Gypsys, Funkadelic, James Gang, Willie Nelson, and the Minutemen. But when people ask me what kind of music we play, I usually say 'the best kind.'"

While a conglomeration of such diverse bands and musicians may seem like a nightmare, somehow the Quick & Easy Boys pull it off with great confidence. Russell's blues-guitar chops may very well be unmatched in this town, and the rhythm section, Sean Badders on bass and Michael Goetz on drums, make frequent transitions from power trio blues to funked-up dance grooves, with a twitch of honky-tonk sound, as well.

"There's a lot of energy when we play and we're all pretty fluent on our instruments. If you don't like the specific type of music playing you can appreciate the musicianship going down," says Goetz.

"Or wait for the next song," Badders quips. "It'll probably be something different."

The band's ability and swagger is apparent in their live performances—so much so that capturing it in the studio has proved difficult in the past. However, with their forthcoming second album, Red Light Rabbit, the Quick & Easy Boys show their true colors.

"People were saying, 'We really like the [first] album but you're so much different live.' So for this album, we tried to replicate that," Russell says.

Not only are the Boys proficient on stage and in studio, they post various live shows on, and recently inked a deal with Nashville's Per Capita Records. As a result, the Boys' audience has grown from local friends into a diverse group of national fans.

"There are some hippies in the crowd, rockers, hipsters, old people, and folks who just like to dance," Goetz adds. "We've won over everyone that likes to dance. No shoegazers. You gotta boogie down."