It's time for another installment of On the Road with Floating World, in which Floating World Comics proprietor Jason Leivian handpicks a few comics recommendations for musicians playing in town. Swing by Floating World (20 NW 5th) during the week of the show, name-drop this post, get 10% off recommended titles.

  • Mat Brinkman

Here's Jason with tonight's recommendations!

Performing tonight at at Backspace, 115 NW 5th

Seripop, New Mutantes - When they're not rocking out in their experimental free noise band, AIDS Wolf, Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau also make incredible silkscreen posters as Seripop. We just published a 16 page newspaper of their designs called 'New Mutantes'. Everyone knows about mutants in comics, but you probably haven't seen mutants like these. The oversized 10″ x 15″ newsprint monograph collects 16
mutated and melty designs suitable for browsing or framing. Each image is composed of layers like a 4 color silkscreen, inviting viewers to indulge in optical exploration. I'm giving them half of the print run today so they can take it on the road and have it available at their merch table for the rest of their tour.

Mat Brinkman, 44 Heads- I was in New York a couple weeks ago and was lucky enough to catch Mat Brinkman's art opening at The Hole gallery. There were 3 or 4 rooms of art and one wall was covered with these 44 drawings of monster and demon heads. He drew them on rice paper and the ink would bleed through each page creating the basis for the next image which gives the book a nice animation effect as you flip through the pages. Picturebox always treats each of their projects as a unique art object and this is no exception. Each page is printed on see through vellum paper with extra dense black ink so you can really see the bleed through effect come to life.

Pen To Paper - I normally associate Pictoplasma Publishing with slicker digital illustration, vinyl toy designs, that sort of thing. Their pitch for this book is that none of the artists use computers. But I'm reading more into it. The fact that they're doing a book dedicated to hand drawn illustration and folk psychedelia is a sign that Paper Rodeo style outsider art is about to become a little more mainstream. Artists include: Shoboshobo (FR), Seth Scriver (CA), Luke Ramsey (CA), Kerozen (FR), Ian Stevenson (UK), Frédéric Fleury (FR), Matt Lock (US), Ola Vasiljeva (NL), and many more.