One video at a time? That's old hat. With a similar progressiveness that marks their electropop songs (and lead singer Julie Budet's fashion sense), French disco band Yelle have TWO new videos for your pleasure. The two make up a single continuous film, starring Yelle and dance troupe Fanny Pak, with the first part being decidedly more headscratching than the second.

Our intensive analysis after the jump.

"Safari Disco Club," the title track from Yelle's second album (due March 29) comes first, and Budet—dressed as a lion—evades her captors by dodging her way through a landscape strewn with upside-down corpses, planted like flowers with their heads in concrete. (They're not really corpses, though; you can see 'em wiggle!) I guess it means animal slaughter is like war. Or human scalps make good fertilizer. Or something! Then Budet slips through the earth's crust and is reborn as a feathered tiger type thing, annnnndddddd..... DISCO! A dance party erupts.

The second half, for the song "Que veux-tu," is more conventional, with Budet and compadres miming out the song during an intimate disco party. She threatens to gnaw on a pretzel, and a guy performs a keyboard solo on his arm, and a bear-type fellow wears a shirt that says "Tchiki Tah Man." (Note: If you give me a shirt that says "Tchiki Tah Man," I will wear it every day and be your friend forever.) The moral of the story? DISCO!*

*At least as far as I can tell.

Yelle performs at the Wonder Ballroom on May 15. DISCO!