Unlike most professional music critics, I do not think that this is the finest album of 2011. My loyalty still lies with Past Life Martyred Saints, the extraordinarily vulnerable debut from one Erika M. Anderson (that's EMA to you and me). Since I've already spilled plenty of ink on EMA, I feel obligated to mention that she just rolled some tape with the fine folks at Daytrotter.

Anderson's four song set includes three tracks from Past Life Martyred Saints, plus a new number entitled "Fuckin' Around." I know what you're thinking: this is a X-rated version of Bobby Brown's "Humpin' Around," right? Um, yeah. Totally. You got it. Nice one. Download the entire Daytrotter set here. Oh, and if you want to watch EMA's intense new video, it's after the jump.


EMA - "California" (live at Daytrotter)

End Hits: "Get up off me back/Save your heart attack/Ain't nobody is humpin' around"