Cory Smoot/Flattus Maximus

Following the death yesterday of guitarist Cory Smoot, who played the character of Flattus Maximus in the band GWAR, the theatrical metal group has decided to continue with their current tour. A statement from Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus, appeared on GWAR's site, stating the following:
After a lot of consideration, we have decided to carry on with the tour. Although the great temptation would be to return home, curl into a fetal position, and mourn, we can’t do that. First off, Cory wouldn’t want that. He would want us to go on and would be pissed if we didn’t. Plus we know the fans don’t want us to quit. They are going to want a chance to come to grips with their loss, and there is no better place to do that than at a GWAR show. Though it’s hard to believe, I think we all would feel a lot worse if we stopped. For better or worse we have to see this through.
Brockie goes on to eloquently talk at length about Smoot's death and what this means for the band, over on GWAR's site.

This means that GWAR's Roseland show, scheduled for next week, Wed Nov 9, is still on. Expect it to be a loving tribute to Smoot in GWAR's inimitable style.

End Hits: Let there be GWAR.