CD Baby reported a very good 2011 this morning on their DIY Musician blog. The report is decidedly heartening, bucking the trend of virtually every bit of other music-biz news, which typically indicates a dire state of affairs. That's not the case with the Portland-based music distributor (now owned by out-of-town company Discmakers), which reports a 13.3 percent increase in artist commissions and a 20.9 percent uptick in total number of titles that they carry. I admit that I was initially a little shocked to hear they've been doing so well, but it makes sense: People are buying downloads, plain and simple. Basically, independent musicians are doing well on their own—it's worth taking a peek at the charming infographic CD Baby's put together, which I'll post after the jump. [Full disclosure: I was briefly employed by CD Baby for a couple months in 2007.]

via Prefix