Switched-On Goodbye Bread by MartyMarquis

This is nuts. Hot on the heels of the 8-bit reinterpretations of Radiohead's OK Computer and Kid A comes this bit of Moogtastic weirdness from Blitzen Trapper's Marty Marquis. He didn't go the 8-bit route, but instead recreated Ty Segall's entire 2011 album Goodbye Bread with Moog Taurus 3 and Voyager XL synths—plus "Moogerfooger array," whatever that is. Marquis wanted to pay homage to—in addition to Segall, obviously—the Switched-On Bach synth records of Wendy Carlos Williams and the numerous records by Tomita Isao (like his reworking of Debussy in Snowflakes Are Dancing) that covered classical works with analog synths. So here it is: Marty Marquis' Switched-On Goodbye Bread.