• Alicia J. Rose/Hipgnosis

Menomena's new album, Moms, is on the way, coming out on Barsuk on September 18. But Menomena is hosting a very special listening party for the new album on Friday, August 24, at a very special place: the OMSI Planetarium!

They're going to have a special laser presentation of the new record, which is awesome for two reasons: (1) It's your first chance to hear all of the new Menomena album, and (2) LASERS. The band's initial plan to do a special show for the album didn't quite work out, as Menomena's Danny Seim explained to us. "We were trying to get them to choreograph a full laser show to our music, but they wanted to charge us $10K to hire the technicians," says Seim. So the band then decided to just rent out the place and show the stock old-school Pink Floyd lasers. "They're not going to sync up to our album... OR WILL THEY?! Who knows, but if it kinda worked with Wizard of Oz... Even if the lasers suck (but how could they? Can't wait to see which one of our songs gets the flying pig! Or the cash machine) people still can hear our record almost a month early, which I hope is worth something."

It's five bucks to get in, and it all goes down at the OMSI Planetarium (1945 SE Water) on Friday, August 24. Doors at 10:45 pm, and the show starts at 11. The getting-blazed-in-the-parking-lot pregame scene should be off the charts.