Lots of local music videos to watch! Here's a new batch of clips from assorted Portland bands, and these run the gamut. Get ready for some streamin' vid.

First up, here's the new and lovely video from Forest Park, for their 10-minute epic "Golden," off their self-titled EP released earlier this year. Directed by Jarratt Taylor, it's about a lengthy journey the band takes—starting each on their own and then coming together—and follows its own undeniable dream logic, resulting in something that's pretty captivating. (For the record, Forest Park has not broken up, despite some recent rumors I'd heard.)

Lots more apres le jump! Zut!

Now here's a live performance clip from Tu Fawning, who I post about all the time here, I know, but they are great and everything they do is worth checking out. This here's a stripped-down, spooky acoustic take of "Blood Stain," one of the countless highlights on their incredible A Monument album. Shot in a bar in Berlin, the band suggests keeping an eye out for the "mildy annoyed construction workers in the background."

Here's another live performance clip, this one from local folksinger Jeffrey Martin, who's accompanied by Anna Tivel for an affecting run-through of the song "Angeline." The clip was shot by Keaten Abbott, who also shot the video for the Shivas' "Gun in My Pocket." This one's pretty straightforward, without any tricks—showing that sometimes all you need is the right performance of the right song at the right time.

And here's a short film called The Audition, which also serves as the de facto music video for Kim Baxter's "Devil on My Side." Baxter is a member of All Girl Summer Fun Band, and recently released her solo album The Tale of Me and You. Shot at Type Foundry studio in evocative black and white, the clip (directed by Chris Flanagan) riffs on the Italian films of the late '50s and '60s.

Lastly, here's the latest video from Rags + Ribbons, and they wanted to incorporate ecoroofs into their video instead of shooting a straight performance clip. The video was made with Perception Northwest's Brynden McNew and ecoroof expert Amy Chomowicz, and was shot at the warehouse of Gunderson, Inc., a manufacturer of flatbed railcars who also have an ecoroof on top of their industrial facility. This video should do for ecoroofs what "Thriller" did for dancing zombies.