Golly, I sure do like the Memories. The Portland band's junkpop seems so simple and guileless, but those tunes have a way of creeping into your head, laying some eggs, and generating little larvae that takes over your entire brain. Here's their sloppy new video, shot on the Springwater Corridor and the Willamette River. Like most Memories songs, it's about a minute long. Short songs are great! Especially for busy folks like us on the go—in, out, done.

"Squeeze Me" is from a cassette called Love Is the Law that just came out on Burger Records. It follows up their great self-titled record, and while I haven't heard all of Love Is the Law yet, there are a couple more songs from it to share with you. After the jump, a stream of the song "You Need a Big Man" (bound to be a future wedding classic), plus the crappy homemade video for the brilliantly titled "Like Riker" that will have TNG fans sighing in delight. And if that's not enough Memories for you, there's a non-album track streaming over on the Kickstarter page for Brian Echon's Chill Leisure Lifestyle Catalogue Summer MMXII book. Check it out.

The Memories play Halloween night at Bunk Bar, and will probably ask you for weed after the show. Twerps and Dignan Porch also play. It will be dumb.

More Memories after the jump!