Christmas-loving Portland duo Duover released their first Christmas album back in 2010, and Christmas Vol. 1 has since become a local seasonal classic. If you haven't heard it yet, you need to make it part of your holiday rotation. (Psst... it's on Bandcamp.)

Now Duover—that's Rebecca Rasmussen and Nathan Jr.—have released the long awaited follow-up: Duover's Christmas Vol. 1.5, a six-song EP that will undoubtedly please lovers of both yuletide and decimals. Like the first installment, Christmas Vol. 1.5 captures the spirit of the holidays with sincerity and warmth, and none of the treacle. That Duover pull this off with their own songs without relying on hoary holiday standards makes Christmas Vol. 1.5 all the more welcome.

Take a listen to "Ms. Claus Lament," a charming holiday torch song voiced by Rasmussen that I could easily see becoming a holiday chestnut in years to come.

Now head over to Bandcamp to hear all of Christmas Vol. 1.5. It's available digitally and makes a great gift.