We love Hometapes. Each year, the Portland-based label has a holiday gift for you in the form of their "Hometapes for the Holidays" compilation series, featuring end-of-year music specially made by Hometapes artists for the compilation. This year is no exception, and the fourth installment, titled A Ride to Anywhere, has arrived to fill your virtual stocking. The name comes from a line from an Everly Brothers Christmas song called "Christmas Eve Can Kill You," which is covered by Leverage Models—and the glowing, orb-like shape this new version takes sounds nothing like the Everlys.

It's a wonderful collection of Homestapes artists, whose roster runs the globe, including Slaraffenland from Denmark, J D Emmanuel from Houston, CYNE from Gainesville, and NYC's Helado Negro. There are covers and favorites (of course the Zombies' "This Will Be Our Year" makes sense on a holiday comp) and some completely new sounds which might redefine what you think of as Christmas music. (In other words, there's not much in the way of jingling bells and Viennese boys choirs.)

As Hometapes' Sara Padgett Heathcott says, "For the past four years, we’ve created holiday albums that put the timely and the timeless right next to each other, offering a space for the Hometapes family to condense the spirit of the season—and the spirit of every single day—into songs that, always surprisingly and always without fail, carry us through the nights of winter."

Check it out over on Bandcamp—right now it's a pay-what-you-want download, and to again quote the good Hometapes folks, "Click Buy Now and feel ok about entering $0." However, any money that you DO decide to pay will go to benefit Megabolt, the Portland-based organization that helps terminally ill kids by involving them in art projects and workshops. So it's well worth giving.

Again, head over to Bandcamp to check the whole thing out, and give a listen to A Ride to Anywhere right here, thanks to the holiday miracle of embeddable widgets.

Also, check out all the previous Hometapes holiday comps: Star Over (2012), The Never Ending Beginning (2011), and I'll Be Hometapes for Christmas (2010).