ARE YOU going to Sasquatch! this year? Don't worry if you're not: Other than the National and De La Soul, most of the worthwhile performing bands are also making a run through Portland this weekend, or will be stopping through in the coming months.

There are a few acts, however, that festivalgoers will want to gloat about to their friends. White Sea is the new solo project of M83's Morgan Kibby, who co-wrote "Midnight City" and holds the lion's share of that band's onstage charisma. White Sea's just-released album, In Cold Blood, is a shimmering, silky pop album with traces of Minneapolis purple funk and Bat for Lashes theatricality. French popster Yelle is also a can't-miss; her 2007 album Pop Up is still one of the most guileless and likeable dance records of the last decade.

Irish folk-pop band Little Green Cars may strike some as being earnest to the point of Lumineers-osity, but they favor jagged turns instead of strummy handholding. As evidenced in singles like "The John Wayne" and "Harper Lee," the group's harmonies and passion are undeniable at close range. Speaking of harmonies, the two identical singers of Lucius never hit a wrong note; the New York group is one of the best live bands in the country.

And a laundry list of some of Seattle's best bands will be dotting Sasquatch!'s smaller stages: Iska Dhaaf, Chastity Belt, Pillar Point, Dude York, and Pollens are all worth carving into your schedule. Meanwhile, the effervescent, insanely fun Tacocat could be worth the hefty ticket price alone.

Also, some band called OutKast is playing. Heard good things.

Sasquatch! takes place this weekend (Fri May 23-Sun May 25) at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Central Washington. Tickets are sold out.