THURS 6/23

Hemingway w/Blowout, Sioux Falls, Drunken Palms; Black Water Bar, 835 NE Broadway 

Tonight marks the tour kickoff for power pop band Hemingway—one of the best-kept secrets in Portland's DIY community, despite their pretty consistent tour schedule. The group is still milking their excellent 2014 debut, Pretend to Care—a tribute to emo notables Braid, the Promise Ring, and Knapsack. Highlight "Feel Alone" dismantles tumblrcore's propensity to complain about mundane, first-world bullshit in a single line: "You're the same as everyone/The pain you feel is nothing special." Talk about a wake-up call. 

FRI 6/24

Sweeping Exits w/Little Star, Babe Waves; Anarres Infoshop, 7101 N Lombard

Sweeping Exits have survived several epochs of Portland punkdom. Originally a solo moniker for singer/songwriter Mira Glitterhound, the project's earliest recordings and performances were heavily evocative of neo-folk bards like Conor Oberst and John Darnielle. Sweeping Exits formally transitioned from solo vehicle to band in 2011, and have since released two Weezer-worshipping LPs and a flurry of digital singles. They're currently undergoing another evolution, as evidenced by a teaser on their Bandcamp for forthcoming record Glitter & Blood—a vampire-themed concept album that is set to blend the fey erudition of This Is Hardcore-era Pulp with the wardrobe and "shock rock" sensibilities of canonical horror punk.