IF YOU’RE A REGULAR at hip-hop shows and events around town, you’re probably familiar with Jordan Carter’s friendly face. He’s usually posted up with a table of memorabilia and a small rack of tanks, T-shirts, and flannels—many bearing an instantly recognizable monkey face logo.

The born-and-raised Portlander has been building his brand, BroPluto, since last July. Since the launch, Carter has continued to expand, with BroPluto pop-ups at two to four shows a week.

“I want this brand to be about people who feel trapped, but they don’t know that the door’s already open,” he explains.

Carter also does marketing for local concert promotions company Chapters Alumni, which allows him to set up shop at their events. “It’s my way of getting out there,” he says. “I really love music so it’s not too bad for me.”

In addition to selling at show pop-ups, the Sneaker Cart, and, the brand has recently found a more permanent location at Compound Gallery in Old Town. Carter’s latest collaboration, Limon, is a clothing line with local rapper Chris Lee of the STRAY crew. It’s inspired by Lee’s visual album Lemonade, which, for the record, was announced a month before Beyoncé’s surprise drop.

Like the film, the accompanying clothing line is being released in two parts: appetizer and main course. Right now Limon is in the appetizer stage, which Carter describes as basic and to the point. Jordan says he plans to release the second part—a more ramped-up version of the items—in mid to late August.

“It’s almost like the remix of the video,” he says. “I’m going to distress and dye some of the products. We’re going to incorporate a new logo that [Lee] has that goes along with the whole theme of the movie. So that’ll be the second wave.”

In addition to the collab with Lee, Carter says he’s really excited about releasing his women’s line, BaePluto, with emcee Vytell as the brand artist. While he’s still trying to nail down an exact release date (probably early August), Carter says he will definitely be hosting a gallery release party for BaePluto at Compound. There will be nail painting at the event, and Carter will also bring in designer Brittanee Wright, who repurposes used clothing into colorful dye- and paint-splattered pieces. Carter’s youth line KidPluto is also on the way.

With so much in the works, Carter says he’s amazed at how much he’s accomplished in such a short time.

“In one year it’s gotten pretty far,” he says. “When I started doing this by myself it’s... almost amazing what you can accomplish by yourself versus in a team. And it’s only because [there’s] so many decisions and everyone has to agree on one thing, versus you just always having a say-so. You can just make that move if you want to make it.”