Anthony Pidgeon

The new season of Pickathon's Starlight Series continues today with this terrific video from Futurebirds, shot this past summer at the always-awesome Pickathon festival. The Athens band, dressed in tie-dyed finery, delivers a rendition of Australian singer/songwriter Caitlyn Harnett's tune "Bad Man." Their three-guitar offensive line, rather than assaultive, is thick and cozy with vibrating harmonies, and the melody's melancholy always has a fiery tinge. The "Powderfinger" vibes are strong on this one.

Futurebirds' studio recording of "Bad Man" just came out on a new covers EP called Portico I on Easy Sound Recording Co. Another EP, Portico II, will follow next year, but in the meantime Futurebirds are hitting the road for a tour of the Eastern US—no Pacific Northwest dates just yet, but with another Futurebirds EP on the way and a full-length to follow, that's bound to happen sooner rather than later.

These Starlight Series videos in Pickathon's 2016-2017 season are made possible by the Lagunitas Brewing Company and will continue with a new performance every month exclusively at the Portland Mercury and The Stranger. There are lots more goodies on the way, but if you missed Episode 1 and its great performance from Fruit Bats, check it here.