Bridget Baker

Despite the warm weather we've gotten this week, fall is well and truly here. But that doesn't mean it's the end of Pickathon season, and today the 2017-2018 season of their Starlight Series kicks off right here, via your friends at the Portland Mercury and The Stranger. Every month we bring you a performance clip shot at the intimate Starlight Stage, the coolest and most best stage at the Oregon music festival—where things don't get going until well after dark, after Pickathon's main stage closes down for the night. And, as you'll see, that's where some of the most magical performances of the weekend happen.

Once again, Pickathon's Starlight Series brings the best highlights from this past summer's festival, and as it's almost Halloween, we're kicking it off with an appropriately spooky song from Marlon Williams: "Vampire Again" is a nocturnal saunter from the New Zealand singer/songwriter that musically embodies a split personality.

There's more Pickathon news to announce today as well: Early bird tickets for 2018's festival—taking place August 2 to 5—go on sale today at 10 am at pickathon.com. This limited release of tickets will be the only chance to score 2018 tickets at 2017 prices, and it's also the first time Pickathon has opened ticket sales before the end of the year (hint: they'll make a really great Christmas gift).

So get busy doing that, and we'll be back next month with another choice clip from the Starlight Stage.