Setting the tone for what he says is the "ecological crisis we face as Earthlings," local hip-hop artist Mic Crenshaw's latest video, "Earthbound," juxtaposes shots of our postcard-tastic Pacific wonderland with images from when it was ablaze during the massive Eagle Creek fire. "Fins and feathers, we're all in this together," Crenshaw raps, "Fire and ice, changing weather, here we are now, earthbound." Representing not only our local environment, Crenshaw's songs are often of the you-better-better-yourself mentality, and are all equally strong, top-notch productions.

Crenshaw keeps his message contained to what he can control: educating youth, curbing impact on landfills, and respecting nature, but not without a few gratuitous drone shots of Creston Park in the fall, a time-lapse of downtown traffic, and what looks like a turnt Forest Park.

If you're not gaining anything from the ecology lesson in his lyrics, the music is still calming and easy on the ears, if not laced with a bit of anxiety and nervous momentum for all we might have to lose.


The film was shot, directed, and edited by local multimedia artist Elijah Hasan, with drone videography by Portland multimedia artist Kunu Bearchum. Check out the album release party this Saturday at Jack London Review.