James Glover

Once Pickathon weekend has ended and the weeks go by, memories can sometimes fade and blur. "Did that really happen?" you might ask yourself. "Did I really see all that?" Which is why it's super convenient that we've been providing these handy video excerpts from last year's festival—to remind you that, yes, that really did happen, and yes, it was as good as you remember.

This month's episode of our ongoing Pickathon Starlight Series features a performance I didn't personally capture in my creaky memory banks, but really wish I had. It's Austin, Texas, band Sweet Spirit, whose gregariously oversharing singer Sabrina Ellis you might recognize from A Giant Dog. This sweltering performance of "If You Wanna" is part story, part song, with Ellis going all in and the audience only happy to follow her.

And here's great news: It's almost time to make some new Pickathon memories—the 2018 installment of the festival is less than two short weeks away. Hopefully you've got your tickets already, but if you don't, head on over to Pickathon's site to pick some up and make sure you're present when it all goes down August 3-5. Or, if you simply can't make it happen this year, check back right here next week, when we'll have the schedule for Pickathon's incredibly good livestream for home viewers. It's not quite the same as being there to make your own memories, but it's pretty dang close.

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