Indie artist MAITA performs at Mississippi Studios on Feb 19.
Indie artist MAITA performs at Mississippi Studios on Feb 19. Courtesy the artist

These days, our own health and safety is being left up to us individuals and business owners. If you’re feeling the power of your booster and ready to brave the public, there’s at least one upcoming show that just might be worth whipping out your vax card and risking your health to see! (I think that’s where we have to be emotionally in order to see live events these days: “I am willing to get terribly sick to see my fave!”) And if the foreboding lifting of the mask mandate has got you down, here are a couple of dope new music releases and upcoming buzz that the city just birthed, offering ways to support local artists and engage with the scene from the comfort and safety of your couch.

A can’t miss upcoming show.


The day after releasing their latest full-length, I Just Want To Be Wild For You (out February 18), indie-rock artist MAITA will play a homecoming show at one of Portland's favorite intimate venues, Mississippi Studios. MAITA, the Portland-based full-band project of singer/songwriter Maria Maita-Keppeler, has already released five stellar singles from the 11-track album, like beautiful, soft and moody project opener, “Loneliness,” and the epic “Honey, Have I Lost It All?” According to Maita-Keppeler herself, fans can look forward to seeing the band perform the entire project, hopefully from front to back. Let’s hope they also have time for older cuts from 2020’s acclaimed record Best Wishes, like “Japanese Waitress,” or “Broken Down Boys.”
Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, Sat Feb 19, 9 pm, $12, tickets here, w/Ezza Rose

A great new release from a locally relevant artist.

“Mary’s Lambo,” Wynne

Hometown rap star Wynne recently released another music video for a song off her recent Christo-produced EP Do My Own Stunts. Similar to her first video for “Carrot Cake,” the visual for “Mary’s Lambo” is shot in black-and-white, and is seemingly a continuation of the earlier video. The beginning sees her in the same black hoodie outfit—when she was literally on fire and burning something unidentified to the ground. Here, she smothers a flame out of one of her white gloves, strips down and gets in the shower, thoroughly loofah-ing away any evidence from the earlier activities. Directed by Timslew of Soundlapse and creatively directed by the rapper herself, this series of visuals is fun to dissect, and might as well be a short film.

“Greeny,” Charlie 3rown

Portland-based jazz pianist/keyboardist/producer Charlie 3rown—whose credits include production and musical direction for Aminé, greaterkind, NuBop, and Blossom, as well as being a Black farmer and food justice CSA organizer over at Sanctuary Produce Farm in Dallas—just released a new repeat-worthy beat single on February 3, appropriately titled “Greeny.” Layered with a bevy of nature and forest-y sounds, including a slew of birds pleasantly chirping, the song is easy listening defined, and would fit into any lo-fi “chill hop” playlist, making for awesome work-from-home (or napping) vibes.

Some upcoming music buzz to put on your radar.

Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

It’s likely worth it to make the trek to Beaverton to check out the newly constructed Patricia Reser Center for the Arts. Starting in March, they’ll be welcoming acts like acclaimed Zimbabwean female quintet, Nobunto (March 8), the Legendary Count Basie Orchestra (March 12), Disney legend Lea Solanga—AKA the voice of Jasmine in Aladdin (April 13), and Dakhabrakha (April 18). The Oregon Symphony has also partnered with the Reser for a couple of celebratory performances for the center’s opening season; the Symph will play for two nights on April 14 and 15, first led by musician, composer and Symphony Creative Chair Gabriel Kahane (playing the world premier of his new effort Magnificent Bird), and the next night will see an inspiring, water-inspired concert named Be As Water. They are also offering a free day-long live music and family-friendly event called Shine the Light: Community Celebration on March 13.