Trump vs. Bernie Debate Tour
Any time that comedian James Adomian does an impression, you can bet he'll make you laugh your fool face off. This proves especially true when he's playing Bernie Sanders in this live tour of his digital series Trump vs. Bernie. He teams up with Donald aper Anthony Atamanuik for this rousing political shitshow of comedic proportions. COURTNEY FERGUSON

The Ghost Ease, Noves, Bobby Peru, My First Mind
The Ghost Ease's self-described "shreddy daydream" rock 'n' roll takes as many unexpected turns as a hazy reverie. The Portland trio released their sophomore album, Raw, in September, and despite its spontaneous trajectory, it delivers unwavering, electric power while exuding smoky mysteriousness with song titles like "Pareidolia" and "Gemini Rise." CIARA DOLAN


No Man's Land
While some theater companies prefer to revive the ancient corpses of plays that were thrilling when they were first performed in the Victorian era, Action/Adventure Theatre has a better idea: Pilot Season, where new plays duke it out before a live Portland audience for a full, serialized production. Last year's triumphant show, No Man's Land, a Catholic girls' school-set comedy written by the indomitable Brenan Dwyer, gets its full run tonight. MEGAN BURBANK (Thurs-Sun through April 3)


High Rollers vs. Emerald City All-Stars
I'd lived in this city for years without attending one of the roller derby bouts people are always going on about. Big mistake. My first-ever Rose City Rollers experience a few weeks back was disorienting, violent, and unbelievably enjoyable. Plus: nachos! Tonight's game between the High Rollers and Eugene's Emerald City All Stars should get you started. DIRK VANDERHART

Waxahatchee, Briana Marela, Globelamp
Waxahatchee is the buzzy folk solo project of Katie Crutchfield, who had previously made music with her twin sister, Allison, in their band P.S. Eliot. Last spring brought the release of Waxahatchee's third album, Ivy Tripp, Crutchfield's poppy ode to being caught in the transitory, twilight-like throes of young adulthood. CIARA DOLAN


Back Fence PDX: Outcasts/Left Behind
The always entertaining Back Fence PDX returns with another hot lineup of funtastic storytellers. This time around they're featuring LA's heeelarious Jessica Lee Williamson, Portland hip-hop great Rasheed Jamal, Kickstand Comedy's Dylan Reiff, and more, all spinning true tales on the theme of "Outcasts/Left Behind." WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Junior Boys, Jessy Lanza, Borys
Canadian electronic duo Junior Boys have always been a reliable source of dance-ready grooves, but while their first album in five years, Big Black Coat, contains an icier sonic palette, they've still managed to use this newfound moodiness to explore exciting booty-shaking territory. NED LANNAMANN


Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Moxie Raia
Break out your old "Bieber Fever" shirts, because Das Biebs (Justin Bieber) is back! After years of being #1 on the shit list, Bieber returns for his "Apology Tour" (as it's popularly known), singing songs from his CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED new album, Purpose, as well as hits from his adorable/sordid past. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Amy Miller and Sean Jordan's Friendship and Pizza Party
We must say good-bye to all good things. Sadly, this includes our local stand-ups Amy Miller and Sean Jordan. The wickedly funny pair is headed to Los Angeles to seek fame and fortune and delicious tacos. Wish them luck with their comedy-studded blowout farewell, the Going Away Friendship and Pizza Party. COURTNEY FERGUSON


The Godfather
When was the last time you watched The Godfather? I mean, really sat down and watched all three hours of Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 masterpiece, from start to finish? Make amends tonight by watching it in beautiful 35mm, with Gordon Willis' rich, brown-and-gold cinematography on a properly big screen as part of the Hollywood's series Light & Shadows: Masters of Cinematography. NED LANNAMANN

Walidah Imarisha
Outside of a corporate team-building exercise, it's embarrassing to earnestly use the word "visionary," but Portland writer, activist, and public scholar Walidah Imarisha is definitely one. Her latest book, Angels with Dirty Faces, takes a hard look at the prison industrial complex and—crucially—imagines what the world might look like without it. MEGAN BURBANK


10 Cloverfield Lane
While it didn't do anybody any favors by kicking off the "FRANTIC HANDHELD CAMERA FOR TWO HOURS" trend, don't forget that 2008's Cloverfield was a hell of a fun monster movie. With 10 Cloverfield Lane, producer JJ Abrams and director Dan Trachtenberg have a related story—one that stars John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and looks to be just as mysterious/scary/fun as the first. ERIK HENRIKSEN

Knight of Cups
For a guy who used to make a movie a decade, Terrence Malick has kicked into relatively high gear. Coming only three years after To the Wonder (and only four years after the remarkable The Tree of Life), the gorgeous, impressionistic, and melancholy Knight of Cups stars Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman—and features weird cameos from the likes of Dan Harmon. ERIK HENRIKSEN