SOUND OFF, AMERICAN! is the new column that gives you, Joe or Jane American, the opportunity to "sound off" about the weighty issues of our times. Unfortunately, as it turns out, this column is not as popular as we had hoped. Because so few of you have been actively participating in these illuminating polls, our editor is considering dropping this very important column. If you are truly interested in vox populi ("the voice of the people") and sincerely believe in the sanctity of the democratic process, you will vote to keep SOUND OFF, AMERICAN! alive and well in these pages. Please, for once in your life, do the right thing.

Last Week's Question: Which would you rather do: Watch a two-hour narrated slide show of your grandparents making love, OR have a microchip implanted in your ear for two days which constantly plays 'N Sync's version of "O Holy Night"?

The Results:
Grandparents' sexy slide show?
52% 'N Sync microchip 'N your ear? 48%


Do you think Sound Off, American! is a national treasure that should be preserved forever in the pages of the Portland Mercury, OR is Sound Off, American! a stupid and useless column that should be immediately axed and replaced with pictures of naked people?

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