Thomas Teal

Hey you! Love having fun? Need to know where to find it? Well, the Portland Mercury’s Things to Do online calendar is THE BEST EVENT CALENDAR IN PORTLAND—hands down, full stop! What makes Things to Do the BOSSEST calendar in Portland? Check this out:

★ It’s super easy to find any type of event you’re looking for, whether it’s music, comedy, performance, restaurants, or political action. And it’s guaranteed accurate and up to date!

★ No offense to robots—but they don’t make good calendars. We have a kickass calendar department populated by HUMANS whose only job is to seek out fun, entertaining stuff for YOU.

★ Our calendar entries have ALL the information you need, PLUS photos, videos, reviews, venue information, directions, AND how to get tickets.

★ Our movie listings are updated daily and are insanely easy to use—plus we’ll tell you if the film is amazing or an unwatchable tub of crap!

However, there’s ONE thing that Things to Do is not: a broken-down, confusing, out-of-date garbage calendar like you’ll find on other sites. (And you don’t have to give Facebook your information to use it!) If you like fun, excitement, and exploring Portland, there’s only one calendar for you.

THINGS TO DO: Portland’s Best, Most Accurate, and Up-to-Date Entertainment Calendar—only at!

(Psst! Got an event you want to share with the world? Email the info to our Things to Do team at