In spite of myself I have a crush on right wing radio host Victoria Taft. There are any number of possible reasons for this, all too complex and disturbing to go into, here. But whenever she talks at council I find it difficult to concentrate on the words coming out of her mouth and am transported instead to a place where the theme from Care Bears is playing, and there are lots of pillows and soft quilts lying around. I'm embarrassed to even bring it up on Blogtown, knowing I'm going to have to make eye contact with her again in the very near future. Oh well.



I think Taft brought up the issue of the Sellwood Bridge this morning. County Chair Ted Wheeler told reporters from the Oregonian and Willamette Week yesterday that Adams has promised to support renovation of the Sellwood Bridge in exchange for Wheeler's support of the mayor's convention center hotel project. Wheeler says he "doesn't trade votes" and that he can't make his mind up on the hotel project in two days.

"The Bridge story is an appropriate metaphor for Mayor Adams," said Taft. "It looks like he's doing the job, he looks sturdy enough, but his support is crumbling."

Then she talked about Adams' "naked arrogance," which is where I'm afraid I totally lost it.