Oh, hey. The Yankees won the Series. Moving on...

Republicans have a lot of issues to sort out between now and 2010!

Afghanistan violence forces U.N. to relocate staff.

Uber-nutjob Glenn Beck could be a boon for thriller writers. C'mon! Really?

Rihanna speaks frankly about her relationship with Chris Brown. Glad she's able to talk to us like we're adults.

Evangelical mega-church preacher Ted Haggard, who had a soft spot for male hookers and meth, is back at the pulpit!

Cats can catch the swine flu
, too! So catowners: your pets would appreciate it if you left the house while you're feeling sick. Just don't bring your germs to work, either.

We'll end on this ridiculous note: Disney is trying to recast Mickey as the next American badass. This picture, from the upcoming video game "Epic Mickey," totally made my morning:

Oh, boy!
  • Oh, boy!