Update, December 15, 3:20: Statement from Parks Commissioner Nick Fish:

"On the evening of November 25, 2009, Pioneer Courthouse Square security officers attempting to enforce park regulations were involved in an alteration with 4 individuals. One officer suffered minor injuries. The incident reports have been provided to the Portland District Attorney. As with any such incident, Portland Parks and Recreation will complete a thorough investigation. Because it is currently under investigation, I cannot comment further on this matter."

Original post:

A Pioneer Square Security Guard appears to have gotten caught on video hitting a skater kid in the face/over the head with his skateboard. Video courtesy of skateboarding.com. This isn't the first time there have been questions raised about the so-called "hands off" policies of various rent-a-cops working in the city limits. We'll make some follow-up inquiries tomorrow, when people are at their desks.