Frustrated that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) looked likely to approve a license for Mynt Gentleman's Club on NE 33rd and Sandy, Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association Chair Eric Fruits went digging. And, oh man, he struck some dirt.

Seeing that Mynt co-owner Tracy Doss listed on the OLCC's individual history form that he had previously held a liquor license for a bar in Ohio, Fruits got in contact with the Ohio liquor commission. According to their records, Doss owned or managed not just one bar in Ohio, but four. One of the places, called B.K. Flyers, had a bizarre and sordid history while Doss was its owner.

The Columbus Dispatch wrote this about the bar in 1995:


Bears versus drunken college students? A January 12, 1995 article in the Columbus Dispatch spells out how the bear vs. man bar battles would go down. The bear's name, by the way, was Ceasar:

Each night, hundreds paid a $ 3 cover charge to watch the bear wrestle challengers who paid $ 10 for the chance to win $ 1,000 from Ceasar's owners - World Animal Studios of Columbia Station, Ohio - if they were strong enough to pin the bear.

Since then, the 12-year-old bear, which stands 7 feet, 6 inches and weighs about 900 pounds, has returned to town periodically.

RAWWWRRR! (this not an actual photo of BK Flyers or Ceaser T. Bear)
  • RAWWWRRR! (this not an actual photo of BK Flyers or Ceaser T. Bear)

All the uproar over the bear wrestling led the Columbus City Council to move to ban kangaroo boxing and bear wrestling within city limits. Doss says he has "no comment" on the application or the bear wrestling of yesteryear.

Perhaps fearing Doss would bring bear wrestling into our midst, or just realizing OLCC staff should probably have found out about the a bar owner's mixed history on their own, the OLCC commission voted this morning to postpone their decision on providing a license to Mynt until their February meeting. "That's the best result I could have expected," says Fruits.