A mysterious booming sound rattled windows and startled residents of Southeast Portland on Sunday, March 28, around 8 pm. Unable to identify it, Portland residents leapt to Twitter and used the #pdxboom tag to log their experiences. Reports came in from Happy Valley to Hayden Island. Police investigations on Monday, March 29, using the Google Map created by #pdxboomsters, concluded that the noise probably came from a pipe bomb that was detonated in Powers Marine Park, just south of the west side of the Sellwood Bridge. No one was injured. STEFAN KAMPH


The city has released a new draft of its "sidewalk management ordinance," that homeless advocates fear will be a new sit-lie law. Mayor Sam Adams and City Commissioner Nick Fish abolished the old law last September, following a ruling by a judge that it is unconstitutional. The new law creates a six- to 10-foot-wide "pedestrian zone" where people can safely pass, and kicks homeless people to the edges of the sidewalk. "This is not a wink, wink, nudge, nudge way to go after people who are homeless," says Mayor Adams. Council will debate the plan on April 8. MATT DAVIS